20 Pound Striper Caught at the Fishing Dock

We were having a normal day of catching Striped Bass at the Lake Powell Fishing Dock when I hear Ashki Chee say, "Oh My God I hooked that big one." Now.  Anyone who has fished the dock in the last two years has probably caught a glimpse of this big dude patrolling the Christmas trees or watched as he followed in their bait but never would bite.  I have seen him several times, so when he said those words I  started shooting as quickly as I could, knowing full well what he meant by "the big one"!

Alone - In B Minor

Every part of this video I did alone and as you watch it, take into account that I did all of the camera work myself.  I also wrote all of the music and played all of the instruments..... the belly fat slap drums, trash can lid, drill bits, pellet canister shooka shooka, and of course the guitar. In this video I take you rock climbing - repelling and trout fishing down a side canyon near Page Arizona on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon.

Lake Powell Striped Bass Fishing 101

On this video I'm dropping all the time honored, "extremely technical" secrets of Lake Powell Striped Bass fishing.  I take you on a tour of my favorite honey holes in the vicinity of Antelope and Wahweap launch ramps and show you all the tricks I have learned in my 40 plus years of Striper fishing on Lake Powell.  This is a must see for all beginner Lake Powell Striped Bass fishermen.

Lake Powell Striper Slurp Technique

In early summer the Striped Bass on Lake Powell come to the surface and start chasing larval shad in an action known as a slurp.  Later, when the shad become more mature the slurp will turn into a boil.  This video highlights the fishing techniques you will need to use in order to boat a bunch of these finicky fish. Once you master this Lake Powell fishing style I guarantee you will have a frickin blast!

Lake Powell Shore Fishing Techniques

Got no boat, got no problem!  Not everybody has access to a boat when they visit Lake Powell, but that shouldn't keep them from enjoying the great fishing we have here.  Lake Powell is tailor made for bank fishing.  There is no brush lining the bank which provides miles of fishable shoreline for the boatless  angler.  In this video I highlight some key areas and techniques that will help you land a few.

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting - Unit 12B

A Desert Bighorn Sheep tag is one of the rarest in the world. An honest to goodness once in a lifetime hunt. Watch as my brothers and I have one of our greatest/grueling days of our hunting lives, tagging a trophy ram in the extremely rugged Paria Canyon Wilderness Area in Unit 12B, overlooking the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park.

Arizona Trophy Antelope Hunting, Unit 10

Join This Side of That Outdoors on a trophy Antelope hunt in the grasslands of the world class Unit 10 in Northern Arizona. Watch Jen, Collin, Daylon Keisling and I as we bust our butts chasing Boone and Crocket class Prairie Goats and finally get the job after eight action packed days.

Lake Powell Grand Slam and Finesse Fishing Tutalage

In this video I started out just wanting to do an instructional Lake Powell fishing video close to the launch ramp and hopefully catch a few fish, but the fishing gods were kind to me and I ended up catching a Lake Powell Grand Slam: A Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass and a Black Crappie, all in the same day.  

My hope is that you may learn a few fishing tricks from this video, get a few laughs out of my dumbass, and enjoy Lake Powell fishing action.

Lake Powell Top Water Explosion

Lake Powell Striped Bass boil fishing in the heat of the summer.  We take advantage of extremely aggressive fish and rip lips with surface lures.  Boil fishing is much like hunting, where you have to wait, spot, stalk and pull the trigger on a moving target.  Stealthy boat positioning and long, accurate casts add the element of suspense to an already exciting experience. Triple Hookups are common and the inevitable "monkey dance" that ensues make for some great video entertainment .